Full List of Summit Sessions Below!

*Each day, all video sessions will go live at the same time (5pm PT/8pm ET), and will remain available for free streaming for 48 hours. Each talk is between 30-60 minutes.

Day 1-3: Mindfulness for Provider Well-Being

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Day 1: Mindfulness in Healthcare Now

Daniel Goleman, PhD

Understanding the Science of Mindfulness: A Review of the Current Research

  • Get a true understanding of the current published research on mindfulness and learn how mindfulness practice positively changes your brain to build attention, compassion, and improve performance

  • Discover how mindfulness can benefit your physical health by regulating gene expression and lowering stress

  • Learn about the 3 kinds of empathy and how even a small amount of compassion meditation can increase your capacity to care for others

Cheryl Woods Giscombe, PhD, RN, PMHNP-BC, FAAN

Examining Unconscious Bias and Providing Culturally-Sensitive Care

  • Hear a personal account of how unconscious bias manifests in healthcare and how it contributes to healthcare disparities

  • Learn what it means to provide more culturally sensitive care

  • Explore how to cultivate intentional communication by understanding the difference between listening to hear versus listening to respond

Cynda Hylton Rushton, PHD, MSN, RN

Transforming Moral Distress into Moral Resilience

  • Learn how to prevent and heal from moral injury by cultivating moral resilience in the face of adversity and moral distress

  • Explore how mindfulness and somatic intelligence can serve as gateways to wisdom and compassionate action

  • Discover how to release guilt and accept tragedy with compassionate equanimity

Rick Hanson, PhD

A Guided Practice: Calm Strength for Healthcare Providers

  • Drop into a meditation practice to tap into your fundamental lovingness and care for others

  • Experience calm presence and nurture your resiliency so that you can continue to serve during hardship

  • Feel cared about with an experiential practice of gratitude for those around you

Day 2: Cultivating Well-Being and Resilience

Richard Davidson, PhD

The Science of Well-being

  • Learn the four pillars of well-being and follow along in a guided practice to cultivate them in daily life

  • Learn about the transformations in the brain and body that are associated with cultivating resilience practices over time

  • Connect with your natural altruistic motivation and learn the science behind why tapping into your deeper purpose makes you more resilient

Eve Ekman, PhD

Building Resilience and Working with Difficult Emotions

  • Learn about the mechanisms of emotional awareness, how to cultivate it, and its role in building and sustaining personal resilience

  • Explore how to work with difficult emotions and make them constructive rather than destructive

  • Receive emotional strategies to apply moment to moment to grow in pro-social emotions, compassion, self-compassion, and emotional awareness

Arpan Waghray, MD and Joshua Cutler, LICSW

Clinician Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19

  • Take a critical look at the mental health challenges facing healthcare providers today, and learn about the innovative programs that one healthcare network is implementing to support provider mental health

  • Follow along in guided a practice and hear practical tips for building resilience and well-being during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

  • Hear about the importance of shifting healthcare culture to normalize the conversation around clinician mental health

Hani Chaabo, MD

Practices to Address Clinician Burnout

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of professional burnout

  • Learn a mindfulness-based action plan for each parameter of burnout

  • Regain confidence to care for yourself and to better care for others

Day 3: Harnessing the Power of Self-Compassion

Kristin Neff, PhD

Mindful Self-Compassion: What We Know and How to Practice It

  • Learn about what self-compassion is and how it can be a powerful source of strength and motivation

  • Discover the research behind self-compassion practices and what we know about how it can impact your relationship to yourself and your work

  • Follow along in a guided practice to bring self-compassion to challenging situations and difficult emotions

Krista Gregory, MDiv, BCC and Phoebe Long, PhD

Self-Compassion Practices for Healthcare Providers

  • Hear the cutting-edge research thats supports how self-compassion is benefitting healthcare workers on the frontlines

  • Learn the “Self-compassion with Equanimity” practice that can be used at the bedside or on the job at any moment

  • Explore practical strategies to avoid emotional exhaustion

Frank Ostaseski

Grief and the Healing Power of Love and Compassion

  • Hear practical tips for holding the complex layers of grief that so many of us are experiencing at this time, especially for those on the frontlines

  • Understand why grief is a physical experience and learn how to tend to it through the body rather than through thoughts and words alone

  • Follow along in a guided practice to connect with the transformational power of love and compassion, and become more intimate with all of your experience

Rheanna Hoffmann, RN, BSN

Mindfulness in Action: Sharing First-hand Experience from the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Hear one nurse’s personal experience of how mindfulness and self-compassion practices helped her stay grounded and resilient while serving in the ER of one of the hardest hit hospitals during the height of the covid-19 pandemic

  • Learn her approach to metabolizing grief and self regulating after each shift in order to reconnect with strength and purpose

  • Discover how she gained perspective on the “impossible” moral dilemmas she and her colleagues faced

Anita Chakravarti, MD

Acknowledging Where We Are: A Guided Practice

  • Take a moment to acknowledge the current situation in healthcare and the range of emotions present

  • Review the various challenges we are facing and the 5 requests that healthcare workers have as a community

  • Join in a brief Self-Compassion practice to support facing difficult emotions with awareness

Day 4: Compassionate Patient Care

CME credits included with upgrade

Ronald Epstein, MD

Cultivating Compassionate Presence and Improving Patient-Provider Communication

  • Discover how to improve your communication with patients by practicing the qualities of attentive observation, critical curiosity, beginner’s mind, and presence

  • Hear the research on how physician emotional responsiveness and attunement can positively impact patient satisfaction and health outcomes

  • Learn about Dr. Epstein’s new research that illustrates how racial implicit bias is manifesting today in healthcare and how mindfulness can help reduce implicit bias

Sebene Selassie

Race, Unconscious Bias & Mindfulness

  • Learn how to identify what unconscious bias is, how it manifests, and how it creates disparities in healthcare

  • Explore how to unlearn racial bias from the inside out using mindfulness and awareness

  • Reflect on your own understanding of race with a guided self inquiry practice

Jodi Halpern, MD, PHD

The Power of Compassion: How Clinical Empathy Affects Patient Outcomes

  • Discover the research behind clinical empathy and why its essential to optimizing patient health outcomes

  • Understand how empathetic engagement protects against clinician burnout

  • Learn about “shared decision making”, what it is, and how to bring it to your work with practical tips

Kelly McGonigal, PhD

The Neuroscience and Practice of Compassion

  • Learn how to make compassion an energizing and motivating aspect of your work and how to avoid empathy fatigue

  • Explore practical ways to form genuine points of connection with patients and colleagues through small, easy gestures of compassion

  • Follow along in a brief heart breathing practice to connect with a sense of nourishment and resilience and use it to find strength during any moment of the day

Day 5: Mindful Systems and Teams

CME credits included with upgrade

Michael Krasner, MD, FACP

Fostering Mindful Teams and Culture

  • Hear insights on how mindfulness can help to cultivate healthy teams and transform the cultures of our healthcare institutions

  • Learn about the negative behaviors that lead to ineffective teams, the impact that that can have, and how to avoid these outcomes

  • Explore how mindfulness practices can create a safe space where healthcare providers can open up about challenging experiences

Janice Nevin, MD, MPH

Bringing Love to the Core of a Healthcare System: A Case Study

  • Learn how ChristianaCare has integrated love as a core value into their healthcare system, and how they’re supporting their staff through the Center for WorkLife Wellbeing

  • Explore the BioPsychoSocial model of health and how its innovating patient care

  • Hear about one system’s commitment to being an anti-racist organization and how they’re promoting health equity

Zev Schuman-Olivier, MD

A Model for Healthcare Systems: How Mindfulness has been Integrated into Cambridge Health Alliance

  • Learn how CHA Center for Mindfulness and Compassion is taking a systems-approach to comprehensively integrating mindfulness into how they train leadership, support medical staff, and care for patients

  • Learn about the innovative, insurance-reimbursable Mindfulness in Primary Care program, and how this model can transform the way you support patient health

  • Hear advice on how to bring mindfulness initiatives into your healthcare institution

Beth Lown, MD

Where We Are and Where We’re Going: A Conversation on Compassionate Healthcare

  • Learn about the Schwartz Center’s inspiring vision to bring compassion to the heart of healthcare, and how their flagship program, Schwartz Rounds, is supporting clinicians around the world

  • Hear Dr. Lown’s perspective on the systemic shifts needed to support clinician mental health, resilience, and capacity to remain compassionate during this challenging time

  • Explore specific ideas on how we can address systemic racism in healthcare and the disparities that it causes